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Are you future-ready?

Are you the kind of person who dreams to have an impact in the world? Do you feel like you have a calling to change the world? Are you looking for ways to find and achieve your life purpose?         Then you ́ve found the right people.

Kala Logo

The Kala Institute is the world´s first wholistic transformational leadership school.

Aimed at shaping the most promising young men and women into conscious leaders.


If you´re aware of how the world is these days, and you want to take action then you know...

The challenges of our time demand  new skills and mental models 

Tools to build a new future, making the old systems obsolete

Becoming the leader the world needs starts with learning the art of living and wellbeing, creativity, and extends into a whole-systems understanding of the living systems we are part of, and how to best live in sync with them, from human society to the natural world. 

The result? 

Better people


 Better organizations


More Effective Positive Impact


We call this new set of skills and mental models

"Human OS 2"

What we offer:

Training for Young Leaders

The Kala Institute Methodology is a step-by-step process to learn how to Do Good and Do Well.
You will develop the skills to make positive change in your life and the world around you.

Our Methodology can be delivered 100% online, or with a mix of online and in-person training customized to our student group ́s locations. The courses include a mix of video lessons, written content, “Homeplay” exercises for daily life, and one-to-one mentoring sessions via Skype. It is designed to be delivered anywhere in the world.

Who can experience this?

All enthusiastic, curious, positive and creative-spirited young men and women between ages 14-30 are invited to participate.

Begin with the Kala Reboot. Make positive change a Way of Life and achieve your dreams.

▸    Discover your personal purpose and path

▸    Conquer your fears of being all you are meant to be

▸    Break out of old and stale patterns of thinking and being

▸    Find your own definition of prosperity and success

▸    Develop a lifestyle and personal rituals that make a meaningful life

▸    Take action on the issues that matter to you and make the world better

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Training for Organizations

Workshops for specific tools to help increase innovation, improve teamwork and collaboration, create a happier, healthier workspace, and solve complex issues in your business.

  • Systems thinking
  • Effective communication
  • Purpose and self-development
  • Sustainability and regenerative business models

Training long-term (3 month+) programs designed to develop future-ready leadership skills and happier lives.


In the long term, the only sustainable competitive advantage is the capacity for your organization to learn and adapt faster than the competition. -inspired by Peter Senge. MIT


Every company faces the challenge of staying competitive and adapting quickly to the changes in its environment. But most aren´t ready to prosper in an era of consciousness evolution, AI, automatization and climate change.

The human element of a company is crucial to its survival.

According to the World Economic Forum, there are 10 skills that are key for The Future of Jobs. They are all soft skills. The skills gained through our program will directly or indirectly benefit these skills.


Human.OS 2 is built on the shoulders of the giants that have come before us. Synthesizing the lessons from the great masters from throughout history, the evolved thinkers, creators, artists, architects, strategists and polymaths from every corner of the world. We curate, design, improve and distill their most useful lessons, ideas and innovations and design a methodology and materials to inspire and transform leaders like you to penetrate directly into your personal structure to transform your life habits to a path of wellbeing.


What are the key areas of the method?

▸      Personal Mastery: the step inside to understand who you are, where you are going, what you desire in order to set a solid north for your life.

▸      Social and emotional intelligence: the consciousness of the other. To balance your interest in your wellbeing, with the wellbeing of others, and have healthier relationships.

▸      Systems Thinking: Consciousness of the Web of Life: How everything is interconnected. Through the tool of complex thought we can make better decisions, design better business models and find a greater sense of purpose.

▸      Being action-oriented: achieving whatever goals we set for ourselves or being a leader in what you care about requires action. To go beyond talk requires commitment. This is what we work.

▸      Practical philosophy: spirituality as a way of life. The glue that holds everything else together is the capacity to keep our ego in check and focus on our work and our objectives. At any moment we are aspiring to something, winning, or failing, and ego can strike when we least expect it. You will learn the tools to train your mind and heart to push back and remain focused and balanced.


In a deeper, longer-term view, these skills are the foundations for a prosperous future of shared wealth. It is only by acquiring these that we will be able to redesign our relationship to ourselves and the world we live in. Then we will be able to enjoy the good things in life forever.