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Turning Pro: Master Yourself


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Turning Pro: Master Yourself

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Turning Pro: Master Yourself


Let go of your limitations and acquire the skills and life systems that will take you to achieve your life´s work. Learn to master yourself, with lessons form history´s great leaders!

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We all live with fears, limitations and baggage that we drag around consciously or unconsciously. It constantly keeps us from achieving our fullest potential, diving into our self and delivering into the world our creative work.

We call this force “Resistance”.

Resistance can take many shapes. It is cunning, relentless, dispassionate. It shows up every day at your doorstep. It will fuck you over if you let it.

Whether you already trying to bring your creative work to life or hear a calling to do something but haven´t found the strength to leap into your personal path, the Resistance is there facing you down.

If you are to beat it at its own game you will need to become better, stronger, more resourceful, more conscious and alert. You will need to develop personal systems and tools that will help you push back every day and safeguard you from its ways.

It is Self-Mastery. Steven Pressfield calls this “Turning Pro”.

And your life´s work depends on it.

That´s why we will learn from the personalities that have gone further than most of us. From Alexander the Great, Benjamin Franklin and Genghis Khan to Paul Graham, Yoki Matsuoka, Freddie Roach, and many more. You will learn their strategies. You will apply them in your everyday life.


This program will help you forge your inner citadel. You will learn practical philosophy exercises, personal systems and mental models that you will use every day to stay sharp, productive, in line with your personal creative mission.

You will learn to conquer your ego, face the obstacles and use them to your advantage, and turn pro.

You will have all you need to master yourself.


This course is for you if you are an entrepreneur, artist, or healer and want to get serious about following your authentic path.

If you´re invested in delivering social and environmental change because you want to change the world, then you will need the discipline and tools to keep at it through the many ups and deep downs of the path. This course is for you.

If you are not yet sure where to start with your creative work and want to figure out where to go; or if you know what it is you´re here to do but can´t seem to get down to it,

If you´re happy with your job and you´re doing well, but you´re having trouble managing your emotions and find your relationships are taking a toll, this course is for you.

If you´re struggling to focus on your personal projects; if you´re stuck and frustrated because you´ve spent months or years procrastinating or blaming something or other and you´re ready to stop pretending and get shit done, this course is for you.


Armed with these tactics and practical philosophy, you will be ready to bring forth your big idea.

We´re all dying to see what you will share with us.

Don´t rob the world of your creative genius.

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