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Flow: Systems Thinking and Our Place in the Universe


Human.OSv2 - The Programs To Live Better on Earth

Flow: Systems Thinking and Our Place in the Universe

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Flow: Systems Thinking and Our Place in the Universe


Learn systems thinking and how to connect the dots of the web of life with a deep immersion experience in a beautiful regenerative ecopark in Cancun, Mexico.

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The future of green is blue! In order to sustain human life in balance with nature now and in the future, we need to go beyond the systems we have created. We must invent a new manner of living. This will take a fundamental shift in how we think! We must learn to see the connections between everything, recognize our interdependence, and thrive by doing more with less and providing the needs of all with what is available locally. It is a mental model that goes beyond the Green Economy, beyond the linear thinking of our times. 

This is called Flow Systems Thinking. Being inspired by nature and connecting the dots we can face the great challenges of our time, design new businesses, solve social problems, and improve our day-to-day lives with in our families, our jobs and our health. 


This course is for you if you´re involved in social impact and entrepreneurship.

This course is for you if you´re skeptical of the impact of feel-good but ineffective eco-friendly products and businesses. Screw greenwashing and vague promises! We need effective action that delivers long-term value deep in the value chain and addresses unintended consequences and hidden costs!

If you´re on a mission to do the most good possible for society or the environment, you need to make the most of your time and effort. And you want your efforts to deliver the most value with the least exertion. Systems thinking is the right tool for the job. This course is for you.

If you´re a project leader or a company director and you want to radically improve how your team works together, understands the business vision and sees purpose in their roles, this course is for all of you!

If you lead a company or its sustainability team and you want to develop spinoffs, initiatives and high-impact projects, this course will help you gain the mental models with which you will design the best and most thorough solutions combining a macro-view and detail-oriented vision. 

This course is for you if you´re an educator and want to bring Systems and Natural Inspiration to the classroom. If you want to bring the future to the minds of your students, you´ve come to the right place.

This is the tool for anyone seeking to challenge the status quo. Lightworkers, change agents, indigos and crystals of all ages, all of you are welcome!

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Attaining Oceanic Feeling in an Awesome Cave!

Flow is the first part of the HumanOS v2 concept. HumanOS v2 proposes the fundamental new software the human race needs to embrace today so we may effect the great evolutionary leap we need to co-create an abundant and sustainable future for all. Join me in ushering in a glorious dawn like Carl Sagan said (sang!).