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Futurist Consulting


Better organizations = better systems.

Smart companies and economies use environmental strategy to become resilient, flexible and innovate in new directions. They also train their teams by developing the soft skills that lead to resilience and prosperity.


Many companies and economies are not taking advantage of the opportunities before them because they are not obvious. What if your company could generate new business lines, earn more and do social good at the same time?


Sporah designs strategic projects for economic diversification using innovative, regenerative business models that drive social and environmental impact.

The process is in three stages:

▸      Scan opportunities - ¿what challenges, needs, and resources are at hand?

▸      Screen and map opportunities - ¿which ones are the best, most pragmatic, how do the interconnect?

▸      Implement. Design of implementation plan. ¿What is needed and in what steps, to make it happen?


Our clients include corporations and governments.

Currently we are working with the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico, within the Regional Development Plan where thanks to our input Blue Economy is part of the development guidelines.


Of course, we use Blue Economy design principles all along the process.

It´s about doing more with less, taking advantage of the opportunities we did not know we had.

Ultimately, we will design for you zero-waste business models that are profitable, regenerate the environment, cause positive social effects and use locally available resources, nurturing local economies through being inspired by the resource efficiency of nature. The results are closely aligned to the UN Development Goals.

Isn´t that a winning formula?