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About Luis

About Luis Martin del Campo


Luis is an entrepreneur, futurist, writer and speaker dedicated to the development of human potential and a new cultural narrative.Co-Founder of Kala Institute, a school for human development and training changemakers. Founder of Sporah, a consultancy firm focused on Blue Economy and circular, sustainable business models. Holds a degree in International Business and studies an MSc in Renewable Energy. Leads Destino Solar, a young clean energy company in Mexico. He is a Blue Economy Scholar, and attended the first Blue Economy Living University in 2016 with the Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives. Recognized in 2016 as one of the top 250 Young Leaders of the Americas by the Obama Administration´s Department of State. 


About my writing, I frequently write in the second person and veer from the formal to the more colloquial and back, looking for the most natural tone to talk about the things that I wish people would show more of: an honest perspective on life, practical philosophy, spirituality, sustainability and social innovation, the psyche, the challenges that come from entrepreneurship, how to become a better person while living the creative path, and looking to give purpose to one´s short time on this Earth by doing the work you came here to do, and do the greatest good possible. And I try to do it in a practical, actionable way so you can use it if it makes sense to you..

If you have any comments or questions, or just wanna say hello, I will be more than happy to read and respond.

Thanks for reading!