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Sporah has a BIG why:

We exist to accelerate the transition towards human systems that can prosper in modernity and harmony with the world.

Our objective is to touch the heart, mind and soul of 800 million people by 2030, unleashing their untapped potential and transforming human systems forever. This is the path we see to become a sustainable civilization for millennia to come.

That´s why Sporah means "seeds of hope".


We see a two-pronged strategy for the future of sustainability:


So, our work is in two areas:


1. Consulting

Better companies = better systems.

That´s why we do consulting for companies and governments in designing sustainable business models and economic clusters.


2. Re-Education for Mastery

Better people = better companies.

Working with companies and educators to develop the future-oriented soft skills needed to tap into the hidden potential of people and companies to share their gifts and creativity with the world.


Our story:

We began our work as the FIRST Blue Economy company in Mexico in 2011 inspired by Gunter Pauli´s book, The Blue Economy.

We were inspired in particular by the possibilities of the Coffee to Mushrooms project that could turn the second-most-wasted resource in the world into a source of food security.

In 2016, after a long and winding road and an expansion of vision in our Chief Wizard, Luis Martin del Campo, Sporah evolved into what it is today: a Futurist Consulting and Human Development Team on a mission to redesign our relationship to ourselves and the world we live in so we may continue to enjoy life and invent the future together.